How to fix emergency tyre repairs

February 17, 2022by mobiletyres

Tyre Repairs are common and a major problem for road users. Tyre Punctures are very common, they can be mild or severe depending, on which area of the tyre is punctured.

Fixing tyre repairs is best handled by a professional who has the experience of repairing tyre punctures, if a tyre puncture is not repaired the correct way it can cause further damage to the tyre. Depending on the nature of the puncture, your tyre repair specialist should be able to advise you on whether the tyre repair is actually repairable or whether the whole tyre needs replacing.

For minor tyre punctures, a quick repair can help you get back on the road. This is usually a quick procedure or a short term solution to help you with your onward journey. It is highly recommended the punctured tyre is replaced with a new tyre as soon as you get the chance.

Tyre repairs range from minor tyre punctures to severe tyre damage which will result in the entire tyre being replaced. Always source help and advice from reputable tyre fitters.

Most common tyre failures occur when a nail or screw is pierced in the tyre. These types of tyre repairs are common and can be repaired. There are other types of damage caused to tyres such as cuts and tyre splits. In most cases these cannot be repaired and as a result you will need to replace the tyre.

If your tyre is subject to a repair, it is very dangerous to continue driving as this will only cause further damage to your tyres, seek professional help from a tyre fitting service. In the unlikely event of breaking down on the motorway, there is help on the way. Emergency tyre fitters are available 24/7 and will come out to you where ever you are.

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