What to do when you have a flat tyre

March 30, 2022by mobiletyres

A flat tyre can be frustrating and dangerous for your vehicle if you were to continue driving. Most modern vehicles are fitted with a tyre pressure indicator which shows your tyre pressure is below the standard tyre pressure.

Check your tyre pressure before setting off on a long journey. A regular tyre pressure check can save you on fuel consumption and provide a safer journey.

Tyre Punctures are one of the main culprits for drivers breaking down with a flat tyre. There is no need to panic if your tyre is punctured, there are a number of procedures you can follow after a tyre puncture.

Your vehicle will most probably carry a spare wheel with a decent tyre fitted, however, this is not always the case with all vehicles. If your tyre is punctured, you will need to immediately park your vehicle in the next safest parking space. This maybe on the hard shoulder if you are travelling on the motorway.

Most drivers in the first attempt may call for roadside assistance, this is a good option, however most road side assistance recovery will not fit a new tyre for you. The best option would be to get you back on the road with an emergency tyre fitting service.

Emergency tyre fitters work around the clock by providing emergency services for tyre punctures, tyre fitting and flat car batteries to name a few. The following are a few tips to consider:

  1. Disposable Tyre Inflator provides a temporary quick fix in most cases.
  2. Get immediate help from roadside assistance if you have suitable cover with the AA or RAC.
  3. Arrange an Emergency tyre fitting call out.

If you are in a hurry and your onward journey is important to you, consider calling an Emergency tyre fitting service which are usually available 24/7.

If you are searching for an Emergency Tyre Puncture Repair in Reading or Berkshire area, Mobile Tyre Hub provide a 24/7 call out service for Tyre fitting at your home or place of work.

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